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Here you can learn about the basic kHED features

  • A simple, convenient and user-friendly interface, that is great for the beginers.

  • A powerfull tool to create triangles and polygons, including polygons with holes.

  • A variety of tools for creating primitives: Plane, Box, Chamfer Box, Sphere/GeoSphere, Cylinder, Chamfer Cylinder, Tube and Torus.

  • Different primitive creation modes to avoid the need of aligning primitives after creating them.

  • A Lathe Tool to create rotational objects by an outline.

  • A multi-purpose Loft Tool, that extrudes a 2D object along path.

  • Tools to modify model geometry with ease: Move, Rotate, Scale, Extrude, Bevel and Inset.

  • Precise object selection in any viewport.

  • A planar, cylindrical and sphere texture mapping.

  • Automatic unwrap of complex meshes (Unfold and Flatten algorythm).

  • A powerfull Texture Coordinates Editor (UV Editor), that can handle elements, weld/unweld element parts and has handy 3D selection window.

  • Automatic Smoothing Group assigning by maximum angle between triangles and unlimited number of Smoothing Groups.

  • Different 3D view control modes: around center, around model/selection center and first-person (with arrow keys navigation).

  • Exporting and Importing:

    • Wavefront Object (*.OBJ)

    • 3D Studio Model (*.3DS)

    • MilkShape 3D Binary (*.MS3D)

    • Half-Life SMD (*.SMD)

    • Half-Life Model (*.MDL)

    • Support for all Milkshape3D plugins

  • Customizable user interface.

  • Adjustable background images to help you build a model from sketch.

  • Automatic data restore after crash.

  • Complete user manual.

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