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Welcome to kHED official website!

kHED is a simple and powerful 3D modeling editor. It is designed specialy for creating polygonal models with low polygon counts for computer games. See features section for more information.

kHED 1.1.5 Released!
11:14 17.02.2013

What's new:

- add: ability to 'paint' selection in 3d view: hold Shift and drag to select multiple objects
- add: Extrude Tool now works in 3d view. Also it draws outline of selection now.
- add: single click deselect in any tool
- add: quick unfold texture coordinates by U key
- add: new feature Edit->Create Convex Hull:

- add: new option to distort objecs in 3d when in Scale Tool:

- add: transparent backfaces:

- add: Rotate around vertex in UVEditor: click and drag with a right mouse button (hold Z key to snap to 45)
- add: new feature Edit->Break Edge: select two verts to add a third one between them.
- add: Background image paths are saved in .khe files
- add: Now you can simply drag-and-drop background image to any viewport
- and other small fixes and changes

See download section to check it out!

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see you there.

kHED 1.1.4 Released!
12:55 11.05.2012

What's new:

- add: View->Hide Selection (hides all selected or partially selected groups)
- add: Auto Scale feature in UV Editor (makes all elements having the same scale)
- add: Edit->Extrude Edges (move selection to see the effect of this tool)
- add: Support for Milkshape3D import/export plugins (copy from your Milkshape directory the msModelLib.dll file and all plugins you need)
- fix: crash when canceling cylinder creation
- fix: bug with "//" comments in SMD files
- fix: bug with Undo/Redo when moving by normal
- the manual is no longer distributed with kHED. it changed with a link to online manual

See download section to check it out!

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kHED 1.1.3 Released!
20:15 23.09.2011

Sorry for such a long pause. Now i have no enough time to work directly on kHED, so this additions were made just when i trapped some problems during modeling in kHED or some stuff copy-pasted from the level editor i working on.
What's new:

- add: Create triangles and polygons in 3d view (Use Ctrl+Shift+R if the polygon got a wrong facing. And don't forget to turn on the Snap To Vertices option)
- add: Move triangles in 3d view (by chosen triangle normal)
- add: Grow Selection function in UV Editor (also by Enter key)
- add: Maximize View function in UV Editor (use a Space key)
- add: Copy/Paste functions
- add: Viewport captions (optional)

and as always some bugs fixed... and probably some new bugs added


See download section to check it out!

(Discuss it on forum)

kHED 1.1.2 Released!
22:40 05.08.2010

What's new:

- add: Ignore Backfaces in Select Tool
- add: File->Merge function
- add: UV Editor options: Real-time Update, Show Triangles, Filter Texture
- add: UV Editor menu
- add: mouse cursor hide when dragging and unlimited dragging in shape tools
- add: lines anti-aliasing
- add: Cap Holes function
- add: View->Reset All function
- add: Take Screenshot function in viewport menu
- backfaces are transparent in wireframe
- double click on preview in Materials Panel opens a file
- improved OBJ import/export
- current view mode button marked with different color

- fix: disabled 3d view after inset
- fix: counter reset
- fix: color of backfaces
- fix: crash with specific perspective grid settings
- fix: viewport splitter blocked when reached a corner
- fix: vertices left after deleting group
- fix: crosshair updates on mouse wheel
- fix: 'rotate around selection' saves now
- fix: selection center didn't updated on move/rotate/scale/extrude
- fix: hidden groups were visible in Mapping Tool and UV Editor

See download section to check it out!

kHED 1.1 Released!
20:28 29.12.2009

As i promised, in 2009
What's new:

- Added an ability to change kHED configuration (colors, grid settings, behavior etc.)

- Added 3D Studio file format support (*.3ds).

- Added Duplicate function.

- Added Invert Local Selection function, that inverts selection only inside of a group.

- Added Autosave function, that can restore your work after kHED or system crash.

- Improved 3D window:

    - three buttons to 1) rotate around origin, 2) rotate around selection center, 3) fly in 3D Look mode;

    - smoothed movement in 3D Look mode;

    - more convenient zoom and pan;

- Added numpad shortcuts to change view projection.

- Added more information to the Model Statistics window.

- Added Save and Copy functions in UV Editor, that can help you draw the texture.

- Added allways visible vertex/triangle counter.

- Added Edit Background Image function.

- Added Show Wireframe option in UV Editor.

- Added Snap to 45 function (activated by special key).

- Added Close Outline function in Loft Tool

- kHED now remembers last directory for each action (open, save, import, save UV etc.)

- Added crosshair when Snap To Grid is enabled (optional).

- Added Face To Front option in Polygon Tool.

- Added Fit All, Fit Selection functions.

- A lot of fixed bugs.

See download section to check it out!

kHED 1.1 closed beta-testing started!
15:05 19.10.2009

kHED beta-testers team is now starting to test new kHED version. So you will see kHED 1.1 as soon as we finish polishing it

kHED 1.0.1 Beta released!
9:32 22.04.2009

Thanks to everyone who send me bug reports and suggestions we can see the new version of kHED. It includes the most significant fixes and some new features.

Here's a list of changes:

- Added support for a variety of image file types (psd, png, vtf, dds, gif and a lot more) thanks to Developer's Image Library by Denton Woods. There's also no problems with 32-bit TGA and RLE compression now.
- Added Snap Vertices Together function.
- Added Weld By Distance function.
- Added ToolTips for Tools Panel buttons.
- Fixed MDL/SMD export (model not flips now)
- Improved OBJ import (added polygon support)
- Fixed all known bugs with hidden groups (vertex snap in Polygon Tool, Clone, Undo etc.)
- Clone now preserves groups and materials.
- Fixed axis helper letters (were blurred on most systems).
- Fixed Mirror function in UV Editor (now mirrors by selection center)
- Fixed crash in Polygon Tool with Two-sided mode.
- Fixed crash in Loft Tool with only one outline point.
- Scale by value now rebuilds normals.
- Fixed scaling with a frame (when it overlaps the uniform region).
- Removed empty Undo levels.
- UV Editor Model View shows wireframe only for current material now.
- Polygon Tool doesn't create line triangles now.
- Fixed Reset View in 3D Look mode.
- Fixed Select All function in UV Editor.
- A few cosmetic changes.

See download section to check it out!
You can also discuss this event at forum

Version 1.0 Beta released!
12:00 10.03.2009

Today I proudly present the first kHED release. Now you can view some screenshots and detailed information about the editor in features section. And don't forget to join our forum. It is highly appreciated if you post your suggestions and bug reports. Let's collaborate to make kHED better!

See download section to get your copy for free.

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